11 Images for 100 Years #11

Remembrance11.jpgThe Tomb of the Unkown Soldier at the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa Ontario.  An unknown son of Canada from World War 1, whose remains were returned and interred in 2000 as part of the memorial.

A couple of Workbench Tasks

Getting back to modelling, means a couple of things have become evident that need some improving in my new workbench in our new house.  One I was able to solve tonight in about 10 minutes, the other, will be easily solved, but needs some research/thought.

1 – Paper Towels

I use a lot, between cleaning spills, brushes, sweating, its a consumable I use a lot of. I also hadn’t come up with a good location for a paper towel roll until recently.  I realized I can make use of the space beneath the staging traverser at least for now (it may need to be relocated later to make sure wiring is clear), but a couple of bits of metal and a bit of 1″ dowel I had laying around, and I now have a paper towel roll that’s easy to grab paper from, but not in the way of tools or work space.

Home made paper towel holder. A metal pipe clip, a framing bracket, and a knob on a piece of 1″ round dowel.  Does the trick!

2 – More Light

Let there be Light!! Light and being able to see what you are doing is critical.  I’ve written in the past about improving my lighting at the old apartment here. Now that winter is closing in, its become readily aparent as I was painting tonight after installing the paper towel holder, that I need more light, in a couple of ways. I’ve known for some time that I am going to need to add more lighting to light the layout when it is complete.  The layout of the 3rd bedroom which is now my office/layout room is great for a modeller, 4 walls and a central skylight, no windows in the walls.  Where this poses a problem, is in the winter where there is no light at all coming in the skylight. It means there is almost no light coming from behind me to light what I am working on.  This is a fixable problem, I just need to get a light on an arm that I can position so its lighting from the same angle I am looking at the project from. I’ve looked at Ottlites in the past, as they are well regarded, but my legendary cheapness has held me back. Looks like its time to re-visit that thought process again and look at some swing arm lamp options! More to come on this one!

View of my workbench. The skylight is great in the summer, but as winter sets in, there isn’t any light coming in. The single light fixture for the room is above my chair. I am going to replace it with track lighting to allow me to better light the layout, but more workbench light is needed too.