Great British Train Show 2016

This weekend (May 7-8) is the biannual Great British Train Show hosted by the Platelayers Society at the Archdekin Rec Centre in Brampton Ontario, the show flyer is here. This unique show happens every other year.  I’ve been a number of times, and missed it a number of times, but i always enjoy it, as its a way to get stuff for my British modelling without a trip to the UK, and to see others in Canada and the US doing amazing modelling of British subjects.

I will post a review of the show and on the fantastic layouts next week, but i wanted to flag it for anyone in the GTA who has any interest in British Trains, as the show is always great when it rolls around every other year.

Pictures from the 2014 show can be found on my Flickr page A couple of samples from GBTS 2014 are below:13960526868_09f171cb8f_b14147162745_3b221f89f7_b


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