Self Help – Too Many Projects

Tis is a bit of a self help/sanity post.  One thing that i find can drive you up the wall in model railroading is having too many projects on the go.  I know i am bad for this, and that i can be bad for just putting a project to the side and ignoring it.  Part of this, is seasonal realities of my living space.  At certain times of the year, since my paint booth gets set up on our 12th floor balcony to airbrush, i simply can’t paint.  It’s either too cold (Canadian winter), or too humid (Canadian summer).  Which leaves me a 1-3 month shoulder in the spring and the fall where i can paint without packing up all my gear and going somewhere else with climate control and ventilation.  By it’s nature, this can mean bad timing on a project resulting in months of delay while i simply can’t work on it, but this feeds my problem, that i sometimes spend too much time looking at new projects or things i want to do, and not being focused on what i am doing and building.  Part of this though, is just a pure scatterbrain approach to projects given i don’t have an active layout focusing my attention, i get onto a diorama project or something else, and if energy wanes or i run into problems finding parts or supplies, it gets set aside and something else winds up on the workbench.

Hopefully this post will become a tie to bring the threads of these projects together when i actually get to writing about some of them.

Group A – Projects that are actually being worked on

  • Canadian National Railways D-1 & trailers C-1 & C-2
    • A unique trio which was a 1950’s CN experiment in breathing new life into old gas-electric cars.  Theses are also nearing completion, the interiors of the coaches are incomplete, and the underbody details of D-1 haven’t been brought closer to real, but they are presentable.  Just need to take some time to put things together and they are done.
    • IMGP2109RawConv
  • Shipment of Dominion of Canada locomotive to UK in 2012, in HO Scale.
    • I got sick and tired of seeing models of an A4 steam locomotive in OO on HO scale flat cars, the locomotive was just massive.  So i drew up a wire frame A4 to be tarped over, an HO Scale tender and the heavy load flat car it was on to be 3D printed, and modified a 60′ flatcar to look like the car the tender was on.  I’d say I’m 75% done this project.  I’m stalled on modelling the tarps over the locomotive.  I think i know what i want to do, but I’m stalled with inertia of messing it up when i actually do it.
    • 23904048619_659ec8d5d7_o
  • Labatt’s Beer Reefers
    • A project i’ve written about, read about them here
  • 3D Printed Nova Scotia,
    • No, not the province, the Dominion Atlantic Railway (nee Canadian Pacific, Upper Canada Railway Society & Ossawippi Express Restaurant) car preserved at the Toronto Railway Museum.  The 3D print of my first fully 3D printed passenger car should be here this week.  Then i’ve just got to get parts for the under body and get building!
  • Jacobite Steam Train.
    • We rode this fantastic trip on our honeymoon, and at some point I decided to model the train.  I’ve got the BR K1 Steam Locomotive and a BCK coach done.  I have a kit for the right model of BR Mk1 First Open coach on the way to keep me busy for a while, which will then just leave the other four coaches of the train to acquire and modify to resemble the West Coast Railway Company coaches.  This of course says nothing of where i will display or run said train.  See the problem here?

Group B – Projects where i’ve done work, but are presently being ignored

  • Toronto Railway Museum Railway Village
    • This project at least i’ve made serious progress on.  I’d say the base ground cover and the building’s are around 90% complete.  It was good enough that i was happy to display it at a show in February.  I’m bogged down on some little fixes, and making trees.  These are the first trees i’ve ever made, and i keep getting bogged down on finding a block of time to make a mess and fail a bunch on getting them done.
    • 25784688936_3f357f77e5_o
  • National Coal Board Yard Diorama
    • I’ve been converting my apartment test track layout into something with scenery since late 2014.  I built a stone engine shed, coaling stage and some NCB wagons and locomotives, but got stalled on ground cover and details and its kind of just sitting half finished on top of a shelf.  For some reason scenery is a stalling point for me.
  • Georgetown Ontario Station Diorama
    • I’ve prepared the drawings for a 3D printed “skeleton” of the Georgetown station.  This will be the bones supporting a plasticard and wood exterior for the station.  But it’s not going to be a cheap print, and rather than order it and have it sitting around, i’ve at least held off on ordering it, though i keep looking at kits for other parts of the diorama that i could buy now and have sitting around, which is a bad habit.  A diorama of Georgetown in the 1950’s would also give me a place for D-1 and co to live, along with some other models that are presently packed away

Group C – The “I’d like to do this list (with hopefully pithy notes about what work or shopping if any i have done)

  • Allandale Station (Barrie)
    • Part of the line I’d like to model from Georgetown to Barrie is the Allandale Station at the other end from Georgetown.  I’ve got the plans for the building, but haven’t started any work yet on it.
  • Caledonian Railway Locomotives.
    • I’d like to build a model of the first steam locomotive i remember, Caledonian 419 from Bo’Ness, but only tricky white metal kits are out there.  I’d also like a model of Caley Jumbo 0-6-0 812, then I’d have models of all three preserved Caledonian Railway locomotives with the Hornby N0.123 i have.  Why i need these, well, I don’t, but i want them, which is dangerous.
    • 15150193506_98acc70944_z
  • Narrow Gauge Switching Layout
    • I’ve never dabbled in Narrow Gauge, but it keeps interesting me.  Bachmann released Thomas and Friends locomotives scanned from the Talyllyn Railway’s locomotives.  I bought a conversion kit to get rid of the Thomas Face and convert Skarloey into the real Talyllyn, but haven’t bought the locomotive…yet..
  • Barnstaple Town Station
    • See comments above about Narrow Gauge, but i have a really nice model of a Southern Railway T9 and a rural train.  Heljan is making really nice looking Lynton & Barnstaple OO9 gauge locomotives, Peco makes OO9 coaches and wagons, and Barnstaple Town was a cross platform connection between the Southern and the L&B which was a Southern owned railway.  I have never been there, have no idea where i would find the space for it, but it keeps drawing my attention.

The moral of this post i guess is that i think it’s good to have a variety of projects on the go in different stages or with different tasks so you have things to work on, i need to find a way to focus myself on actually finishing things and not finding new projects to pull my attention in different places!!  And the sad part is this only lists the projects that would keep me busy with workbench stuff, it doesn’t address a handful of locomotive models coming out that I’d like to buy that are pure display case central material!!

5 thoughts on “Self Help – Too Many Projects

  1. A great summary. I have way too many projects too – including a D-1, C-1, C-2 set in S, as you know!
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

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