4 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #26

  1. Is that corner super elevation real or an optical illusion with the perspective angle?

    How fast do they run through there?

    Final curiosity… for now… do any modelers super-elevate their corners?


  2. Hey Gil, There is actual superelevation there, though probably not as much as it looks in the picture. The train is heading downhill through a curve in this shot. Speed varies, the line speed limit is 60mph, but an eastbound freight wouldn’t be able to hit that climbing. A westbound might going downhill, though i don’t think this one was going that fast.

    As for modellers, there are modellers who have superelevated their curves, i don’t know that it would make any difference operationally, visually it probably looks slightly more realistic, though with scale equipment you would need to be very careful to make sure that its smooth or you’d just be creating a derailment hazard.


  3. Speed limit on this part of the Halton Sub. is 50 MPH for all trains. A little bit of superelevation is on the curves, but the cross level flattens out on the straight part near the hot box/dragging equipment detector. Often downhill we’re pushing 50 in dynamic braking, but uphill more like 15-25 MPH on this steep grade. The outside rail is changed so often that the outside rail is held down with Pandrol clips instead of spikes for easy changeout.

    Steve Lucas

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