Building a Train in a night

And, as a wise man once said… “And now for something completely different”.

As December and the Christmas season approaches, my wife starts getting out the decorations and making our apartment a very festive space.  After a long 2016 for a lot of reasons, we’re going away at Christmas (on Boxing Day to be precise) to go and visit Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles; and cousins in the UK for a bit over a week, so we are cutting back on the decorating and presents, primarily not putting up our tree so we don’t have to either rush and take it down on December 26th, or find it waiting for us in January after our trip.

As part of the trip, we’re skipping buying each other presents, yet I arrived home a few weeks ago to find a present sitting in my desk chair in the office, with a note that said something along the lines of, “we’re not doing presents this year, but it’s kinda  a present for us both”.  Open the box, and discover, a Lego Christmas Train set!!!

imgp6742Lego Creator set 10254 – Winter Holiday Train

As the Christmas decorations that are going up mostly appeared last Sunday during the Canadian Football League Conference finals (strangely, Christmas normally explodes in our home around Grey Cup Sunday at the end of November when I’m often not home…not sure why that is?).  With the decorations coming out, I decided that last night was the time to build the Lego train.  I sat down at the kitchen table, and dutifully set about sorting out the bags of Lego and reading the instructions.  If you haven’t built a Lego set recently, the sets now come with parts sorted into bags by sub assembly or chunks of the model, and with bags for large pieces, and small pieces for each stage. It means you can keep things under control and be reasonably sure you are finding the right bits as you go along.  I didn’t really take any pictures of construction as it went, I’m a bit single track minded when building Lego, but in a bit under two hours, the set went from bags of bits, to a Christmas decoration on top of our entertainment centre, well outside the range of our deranged hairball…er cat who no longer has the ability to leap up there as age catches up with her.

Lego Christmas Train, all built.  Notice the train within the train around the Christmas Tree.
imgp6749Two hours from bag of bricks to Lego Train

If you’re still reading this, there is another type of Christmas Train out there too, one that does good for those less fortunate in your community.  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is winding its way across Canada and the US where CP runs.  The schedule of dates can be found here.  Its a great event for young and old alike.  I can’t make the Monday November 28th stop here in Toronto, but its run is a reminder to make a donation to our local food bank as the holidays approach.

The 2005 Canadian Pacific Holiday Train in 2005 at North Toronto Station on Yonge Street.

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