3D Printing & Model Railroading – Black Friday Sale!

So, i’ve written about 3D printing and Model Railroading here, here and here.  Now is a chance for you to go out and get yourself a good discount on 3D printed Model Railroad bits in the US Black Friday sales.  Shapeways has a 25% off site wide coupon good from today until midnight Pacific time Sunday (November 27, 2016).

I have provided links to a number of stores below (including my own) with Canadian and non-canadian prottype models, but go to www.shapeways.com and search for yourself to see what else you can find that fits your modelling interests!  I’ll add more links if I can through the next day or two, or feel free to add in the comments if you find a good one.  There are lots of amazing designers and products out there if you spend a bit of time searching!

This is a great chance for you to save a few dollars and experiment with 3D printing and 3D printed parts.  You can get in with the crowd and buy my best selling sprue of 20L BBQ propane tanks:

IMGP4766.JPGHO Scale BBQ gas tanks, my best seller. I guess no one else has ever made them.

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