Tuesday Train #31

30751647961_dceb7f4196_o.jpgNever mind me, just crossin the street in front of the train.  A South Shore Line runs up the middle of 11th Avenue in Michigan City Indiana.  The commuter electric train is nearing the end of its journey from Millenium Station in downtown Chicago.

One thought on “Tuesday Train #31

  1. Neat to to see heavy rail sharing the road with vehicular (and pedestrian!) traffic. I read up on the line thanks to your blog post. An interesting read.

    These overhead wires don’t look high enough to run the bilevel units seen on the Wikipedia page though… I assume they run single level hardware the full length and keep the bilevel units somewhere with greater volume? Any sense of how common that would be in passenger service? Seems awfully wasteful to run and maintain a mixed fleet for such a small outfit…

    Anyways – thanks for the pic – neat to see.

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