Winding Down for the Year

So, as the winter sets in, this is normally a time where model railroaders make hay on projects, as it were.  Long nights, cold temperatures, and snow and ice make the winter productive time for modellers, and it will be for me as well later on, but as we find ourselves at the first weekend of December, I realize that I’m not in the City the next three weekends (out-of-town Christmas Party, and family Christmases spread across two weekends), and then, we are leaving Boxing Day to head to England and Scotland for a bit over a week (yes, it’s a travel brag, but whatever, it will bring more models!!).  This realization spurred some cleaning of the workbench, and some packing up of projects.

While I have an exciting order from Shapeways which shipped yesterday, and many things I could work on before I depart, I’ve decided I’m just not going to.  I’ve packed up the projects, cleaned up the workbench, and put things away.  I’m not going to do any more messy work for 2016, (other than maybe a trip to my off-site paint booth when the Shapeways Order arrives to put primer on the parts received so I can blog about them).  I’ve got a lot of projects on the go, and it’s been a long year in many ways.  Taking a break is something I need to recharge and be excited to be at the workbench in the evenings and building models in 2017.  The good news is, I won’t be going away from the blog.  There are things I am going to work on to set up for projects I want to build in 2017, so I’ll hopefully be able to write about some things I’m working on that aren’t actual models yet, but my background process to get to the point of building things.

IMG_3326.JPG‘Twas the month before Christmas and all across the workbench, not a tool was stirring not even a micro brush…

One of the problems I have with apartment life, is that I rely on mother nature for a lot of things, like the right weather to paint on our balcony, since I don’t have a space where I can put in a spray booth inside.   For a lot of reasons, any projects that I’m working on that are at a paint stage, all seem to have got their after the fall window for balcony airbrushing.  In the winter, it’s too cold, in the summer, it’s often too humid to paint.  There are sweet spots in the spring and fall, and I try very hard to have projects hitting the paint spot at those times of year.  This fall, I missed, which means I have several projects that I can’t advance until I can do some painting.  I do have another location I can go to, but I like to have a stack of projects when I do that, as packing up kits, paints, supplies, airbrush, etc is a pain for a single item.  It needs to be worthwhile, which means having several projects to paint in a go.  I should, by January though be in a position where I have both time, and enough projects that it makes sense to do some off-site painting.

The projects were all packed beneath the workbench with care, in the hopes that airbrushing weather soon would be there…

It’s at this point that I should apologise for my massacring of The Night Before Christmas, but it’s Sunday night, and I’m tired, so I won’t really!!

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