Cat Proofing the Workbench…

I hope.  We’re off for a much needed vacation, and I’m trying something different to keep the crazed hairball from strutting across the work bench.  The problem is, in our apartment, the spare bedroom/office is kinda her space, and we don’t want to upset her routine as an old cat any more than it is by us not being home, so we don’t want to close her out of the office, but I also don’t want her batting things about, and we’ve been trying to break the habbit of climbing on or using the workbench as a pass through to the window.  We shall see.

IMG_3427.JPGA Cat Proofed Workbench…wrapped in a spare sheet.  I hope.

2 thoughts on “Cat Proofing the Workbench…

  1. Did you think of printing off a picture of your vet and posting it on the sheet? Hahahaha

    Good luck. Hope it works!

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