Tuesday Train #37

31795630870_b268e4b1d0_o.jpgA Direct Rail Services Class 68 No 68007 “Valiant” in Scotrail Paint awaits its departure at Edinburgh Waverley Station on the 17:08 Edinburgh – Glenrothes Fife Circle Route commuter train (Service 2G13) on December 29, 2016.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #37

  1. Ugly duck for a train if you ask me 😉 but I really like the platform canopy. The details on the columns and gussets in particular are interesting to me. Somehow I think if these things were to be done now people would complain about wasted tax dollars…

    Have you ever thought about platform architecture and documenting those elements of the system?

    Hope the trip over to the UK was a great one!

  2. The trip was great. As for the Class 68’s, they are never going to win any beauty contests. They are kinda weirdly curved beasts.

    What’s more interesting is the fact that they are hauling regularly scheduled passenger trains. Almost all passenger services in the UK outside the major London-Ediburgh-Glasgow corridors on the east and west coasts use multiple unit trains of some sort. Multiple Units have their pluses in terms of not needing to be turned at the end of a trip, and cost economy, but are often not nearly as comfortable as traditional passenger cars hauled by a locomotive.

    As for the platforms, there have been volumes written over the years on the architecture of stations. There are all kinds of interesting little things that you can see if you know where to look, especially in the UK as so many stations were built over a century ago by competing companies that no longer exist, so you can tell a lot about when/which railway built a station by the architectural details.


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