Building a Mk1 Coach Part 1

I won’t do this whole process blow by blow.  But I talked about building a Southern Pride Models coach kit in a recent post here.  I did manage to get up the next day and do the detailing of the roof of the coach.  I’ve got a trip planned to my paint booth in the near future where I can hit it with some primer so I can see any spots that need better cleanup before painting down the road.  So with that, some progress on adding the roof details.

imgp5894rawconvUsing a copy of the instructions to get the right locations to drill holes for the roof ventilator castings.
imgp5896rawconvThe Roof Ventilators, cast in white metal/pewter
imgp5898rawconvOne end of the car with the roof ventilators installed.
imgp5899rawconvCompleted roof details back on the fishtank body.

With the roof complete, the next steps are to install the underbody details between the trucks, and to add the details to the brass sides.  Once the sub assemblies are complete, I can move on to

imgp5897rawconvThe brass car sides, cleaned up and ready to install details such as the door hinges, handles and bathroom window vents.

It feels good to make progress on a project.  The next step of doing the underbody looks straightforward, but on a first glance a few of the injection molded pieces are a bit warped.  The should hopefully come back to shape when put together to form the frame, but that’s another day’s post.

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