Harburn Hobbies

This is the first in an occasional series of posts on Hobby Shops that I frequent or have shopped at.  My intention is to help others find places to go if they are traveling, or for those in the Toronto area with my local stores, to help them get into the hobby if they are looking for where to go for supplies and advice.

My first shop, is one from afar, but its one that I’ve shopped at both times I have been in Edinburgh.  Harburn Hobbies is a small (by Canadian standards at least), but very well stocked shop just outside the city centre in Edinburgh Scotland.   It is located at 67 Elm Row, to the northeast of the city centre between the core and the Leith Docks area.  The shop is primarily a Model Railroad shop, but has some plastic kits and Scaletrix/electric slot car supplies as well.  The store has a large collection of OO and N Gauge rolling stock and scenery supplies.  Harburn also produces their own line of Scenic Details under the “Harburn Hamlet” brand, and does custom runs of Scottish models from major manufacturers like Bachmann, Hornby and Oxford Models.

Harburn Hobbies on Elm Row after a successful visit in December 2016.

Harburn Hobbies is about a 10 minute walk from the main Edinburgh Waverley Station, and can be done if you are a modeller even if you are only making a quick stopover while passing through the City.

Website: http://www.harburnhobbies.co.uk/

Google Map:

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