Talyllyn Takes Shape

After last weeks successful first trip to the paint shop, I made another on Friday night, primarily to spray gloss black on my OO9 Gauge Talyllyn locomotive, which is a conversion of a Bachmann Thomas and Friends locomotive to the actual Welsh narrow gauge locomotive Skarloey in the Thomas world was based on.

imgp6071rawconvPainted Body shell, in gloss black and grimy black.  Ready for detail painting and re-assembly.

With the major components painted, I could start putting the locomotive back together.  Getting it apart had been a slog, the motor and metal weight are a tight fit, and the wires are very fine.  Once I got the running plate back into position, and re assembled the valve gear, it had a discernible wobble running and an audible tick.  It took probably 45 minutes of running back and forth and adjusting the positioning of parts to find the cause, and solve it.  When I reassembled the slide bars, the didn’t seat in the right place, and the piston and motion were making contact they shouldn’t have been.  As I didn’t use the parts of the Narrow Planet kit I bought to replace the cylinders and motion with 3D printed and etched parts, I was re-installing the overscale plastic parts from the original locomotive.  I decided the soldering and work to assemble the etched gear was beyond me at the moment, and rather than muck it up, leaving it off and untouched means I can come back to it in a year, two years, five years, ten years, whenever I feel like it.

imgp6069rawconvGetting the Mechanism back together.  It took me a while to diagnose how the slide bars were not back in the right place, it ran, but had a major wobble and audible tic, but eventually it got sorted and runs smooth again.

Once everything was running right, there was a list of details to add to the locomotive.  I had to finish the 3D printed backhead I designed to fill the cab space, install the new smokebox door (sans Thomas face), install a brass handrail on the smokebox, install the air pump, add back the couplers and buffers, put real coal in the bunker, and touch up the paint.  As I was going through these steps, I also kept putting the body on and test running to look for anything I was doing that was binding

imgp6075rawconvTesting as pieces go back on.  Showing the 3D printed smokebox door and a brass air pump mounted on the smokebox.

Once everything was reassembled, it was on to adding decals.  The real Talyllyn has worn a number of different paint schemes over the years.  I decided that I am doing the black with BR style lining that it carried until recently.  This was for a few reasons, simplicity, but I also like the look.  I ordered decals from DTB Models, who did a custom set of lining to fit this conversion in either the black or the current red schemes.  I could have done the lining from sheets of individual pieces that I have, but having pre-designed panels makes it much better looking.

Lined out and detail parts installed.  The only remaining parts to install are the etched brass nameplates, builders plates, and number plate.

I’ll make one more post wrapping this project up with finished pictures once I install the nameplates and builders plates in the coming days. For now, the decals are setting and then I need to make sure they are well settled before putting the plates on.  Then it will be on to finalizing the design for a little narrow gauge layout/display/test track for it to run on!

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