New 3D printed Parts

I finally got around to getting some “small” projects done.  I received a number of 3D printed parts back in December that I mentioned here.  I hadn’t had time to paint up the parts and update My Shapeways store with any details though. I have now completed painting a set of the parts, and updated my Shapeways listings, so here we go:

Woodings CBI Speeder Car

A model of a Canadian Built Speeder car.  The car has been finished with a Detail Associates Beacon Light and decals from a Highball Graphics CPR Maintenance-of-Way vehicle set to look like the CBI preserved at the Toronto Railway Museum.

Fairmont M14 Speeder Car


A model of a Speeder Car found across North America.  This version doesn’t have a roof.  It is based on a car formerly used in the Ottawa area that has been donated to the Toronto Railway Museum.  The seatbacks and armrests broke on my test print, the parts have been beefed up for the version for sale to survive cleaning and shipping.

City Street Details

Anyone who lives in Toronto will quickly recognize all three of the above pieces of street furniture.  The oblong garbage/recycling bins that are a ubiquitous part of Toronto’s street furniture for the past 10 years or so.  Along with them, the Toronto style “post and loop” bicycle post.  Finally, a Storm Sewer Grate modelled on ones commonly used in Toronto.  I’ve drawn up these details as I need them all for a small diorama I am working on.

Talyllyn Backhead


As can be seen inside the Cab, a 3D printed boiler backhead fills the empty space nicly.  The 3D printed part is finished with two small pieces of clear rod and a transparent blue paint to look like the water glasses on the back.  Not super fancy, but just enough to look better than a big empty space.

Will any of these upset my all time best seller of a sprue of BBQ propane cylinders? Who knows! Time will tell!!

imgp4766My best selling 3D printed part, a sprue of 10 BBQ Propane Cylinders!!

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