5 thoughts on “Talyllyn Photo Gallery

  1. Thanks to a heads-up from my local hobby shop, I finally had a chance to see one of these little Bachmann models for myself last night. First thought was just how tiny it is and then how well made it is. This, is nothing like the OO9 I had twenty years ago.

    You did such a lovely job of your conversion and I had it in mind while looking at the model I was looking at last night. I probably wouldn’t have been so interested, had I not seen yours first.


  2. Hi Chris,

    its a fantastic little locomotive, and its even still a good runner after I was done mucking around with it. it makes a nice model. If you do give in and go for one for conversion of your own, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.



  3. I’m currently trying my hand at this conversion and your blog posts have been a huge inspiration! I was just wondering what you used for the handrail on the smokebox?

    • Hi, I’m glad my posts have motivated you to try this project. The front boiler rail is a piece of 0.020” brass rod and two boiler handrail knobs. I’d have to dig around for the packages to try and figure out whose knobs they are, I want to say they are Markits, but I really don’t remember. Any short round stanchion for a handrail would do. I cut the piece of brass rod long, and used the smoke box to bend it to shape, then trimmed to length after getting the handrail knobs in. My recollection was that it was a slow process to hand drill the cast boiler to get the knobs in.

      Good luck, and I hope your model works out!


  4. Hi
    If you sprayed the model why does the paintwork look so rough or am I mistaken and you’ve actually brushed it on

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