That’s no Train!!!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane!!!! Yes, it’s not a train, it’s a Boeing 737-300!!!

A 1/144 Scale Boeing 737 in a one-off Canadian Football League paint scheme.

I haven’t built a plastic model kit that wasn’t a structure or freight car in probably 15 years.  In the 15 years before that, I built hundreds of them.  Race cars, street cars, planes, trains, sci-fi spaceships, boats.  Pretty much everything except armor/military kits.  I had touched on this project here before in relation to skill building and learning to use bare metal foil, and here in relation to painting things white. Most of the kits I built have been trashed through several moves, either because they got damaged shipping, or because I looked at things I built as a teenager and decided they were beyond saving as model railroading has become where I’ve settled on spending my hobby budget and space in the apartment.  There are maybe 10 that have survived that are carefully packed in my parent’s basement that hopefully someday I can repatriate to my home for display.

By way of background, this project caught my eye because I’m a bit of an oddball.  I’m under 40 and have been a Toronto Argonauts season ticket holder for 14 seasons with 2017 being season 15.  My Argos seasons tickets where what I bought myself to celebrate getting my first job out of University in 2003 and starting to work in downtown Toronto.  I have steadfastly continued to support the Argonauts and the CFL despite repeated and continuous efforts to destroy the Argos and make seasons ticket holders feel like we don’t matter.  A couple of years ago, the CFL signed a deal with Canadian North airlines to be the official airline of the league, and paint one of their jets in a CFL paint scheme.  Shortly after they announced this and unveiled the plane, I found the decal set being produced by V1Decals.  With this, I sought out a good model of a Boeing 737.  I found the DACO Products/Skyline Models kit at Wheels and Wings Hobbies in Toronto (a future post on Wheels and Wings is coming in my Hobby Shop profiles series).

It was a chance to do something I hadn’t done in a while, build a kit and work on something not train related.  It’s funny that I’ve finished this project this week, as I was out to dinner with some fellow modellers last Tuesday, and our conversation turned to Wheels & Wings as a source of paint and tools for us as Model Railroaders, but also to having interests outside trains and picking up the odd kit here and there.  It was interesting to me to see that despite our focus on one particular hobby, we have and keep up side interests. I’ve got a few little things to do to complete complete it, like a spray of semi-gloss Tamiya clear, and to build a little diorama of an airport apron for it to sit on, but the project has reached what I consider to be “substantial completion”, which is a good point to write about it!

I won’t be building a lot of other scale models like this, as I neither have display space for them, or the desire to switch back to this from model railroading which is my true passion, but it’s nice every now and then to scratch and itch as it were, and in the process work on some skills I don’t necessarily use in model railroading, and learn some new ones at the same time.

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