Night Two of Trees

Following on yesterday’s post about making my own trees, I was back at it last night to try to complete the six trees and see how they looked.

I definitely learned something on Tuesday night, as the first tree I applied poly-fibre to yesterday looked much more tree-like on the first pass than the ones from Tuesday did.  Less hard edges and clean stops along the bottom of the canopy, and a more natural vertical form rather than looking like circles.  This is a good thing, as the first tree canopy I added on Wednesday is probably the most visible foreground tree in the small cluster located right at the tracks and pretty much fully exposed to viewers from the “front” side of the diorama.

Six Trees behind Don Station. The trees at this point haven’t been hairsprayed or had the wires trimmed back t get them behind the canopy.  This was to see how they looked as a group in place and see if the effect was getting closer to desired.

Once I had the rough shapes done, I placed all six trees back into the diorama so I could massage the canopy and positioning to make sure they all fit, would stand straight up, and looked like the little grouping of trees i am modelling.  The one thing that stood out to me was that the leaf material I have may be too light for the underlying poly-fibre.  The light green colour is probably closer to the real trees, but I’m not sold on it in model form.  I did a second tree with the leaf scatter to see what I thought.  Looking at all six together, I’m still not sold.

End of the night, six trees, two with leaf scatter added.

I am thinking that I need a shade or two darker for the leaves.  Either to add a darker shade to create some tonality in the trees, or to vary with some trees lighter than others.  The two trees I’ve added leaves to are the smallest most immature trees in the grove.  I’m wondering if a darker scatter to create texture but be closer to the base would look better on the bigger trees?  I can see there may be a Saturday trip to my hobby shop to pick up another tub of leaf material to continue the experimentation on how to get the trees to look right.

I also learned an important lesson.  I should have checked what brand of hair spray my wife uses so I could buy a different one.  When I asked her for her opinon on how the trees looked, her first question was “are you using my hairspray?”  I wasn’t, but that was a gotcha moment for my night!!

3 thoughts on “Night Two of Trees

  1. The trees look great!

    Have you considered using harvested twigs for your trunk? might give a more natural look (not that I dislike the grey it is just a thought). I think grape branches would give a really nice branch to trunk ratio that might look natural to a southern Ontario deciduous tree like a maple or oak. An elm would be much trickier this way and would lend itself to your custom trunk and branches.

    Anyhow – they look great, it was just a thought.


  2. Hi Gil, using natural materials is definitely a technique people use. I have concerns about it as it may attract a certain less than clever hairball that shares our apartment to the model more than she is already drawn to it!

    Next time you are over i will show you the book i picked up on making trees, i think you’ll be stunned how realistic you can be when you get good at the technique i’ve been learning and experimenting with.


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