A Visit to the Model Railroad Club of Toronto

The Model Railroad Club of Toronto was founded in 1938, and from 1946 to 2013 the club occupied a large basement space in a former World War 2 gun factory in the Liberty Village neighbourhood in Toronto.  In 2013, the development boom in Liberty Village finally caught up with their space, however, they were able to find a new location in East York, and save large parts of their layout and re-locate an start re-construction.  While the old layout was amazing, all good things must end, and the move offered an opportunity to start over, modernize, and hopefully engage new generations of modellers and members.  The club holds a few public open houses through the year to let people see the layout, and raise funds.  Today was the first day of five open days in February.  The club’s “Central Ontario Railway” is open again Sunday February 12, Satruday February 18, Sunday February 19 and Monday February 20th 2017 from 11am-5pm each day.  The show flyer with location and admission information is below:


The club itself models in O Scale, 1 inch in the model = 48 inches in the real world.  This is a good large size to allow very detailed models of the equipment and the world around it.  The club makes good use of their 3,000 sq.ft space with tracks on multiple levels looping around and coming in and out of the space.  The large size is also great for kids to see the details, and the members of the club have spent a lot of time burying little details in scenes for kids young and old to find.  With the move, the new layout is still a work in progress, which also means you can see the building and electronic techniques in use.  One of the more interesting features, is a switch to iPad control for the layout, you see the operators with their iPads controlling and handing off trains around the room.

I have linked a full photo gallery from today on my Flickr here.

I have also linked pictures from their former home at Liberty Village here.

Some images from the new layout are below:

Pictures of the new Central Ontario Railway layout under construction during its February 2017 Open Days.  More Photos on Flickr.

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