Trees Part Three

Onwards and upwards as the saying goes.  This is part three on my first attempt at making my own trees.  You can catch up on the adventure here and here if you haven’t seen the first to parts of this tale.

So I did wind up going out on Saturday and buying a darker shade of leaf material for my trees, as can be seen below, the first leaf material to add volume and appearance to the foliage base was far too light.  I spent a lot of time debating if I could live with it, or come up with some other technique to tone it down, and the answer was a straight up no.  Get the right colour, and do it right.

imgp6116rawconvLeaf Material 1.0.  Scenic Express SuperLeaf Light Green was just too neon for the Woodland Scenics foliage base canopy.

So, tonight, I was back at it.  What better way to avoid the TV in the livingroom alternating between the Grammy’s and the Westminster Dog Show (which is on FoxSportsRacing, what’s up with that?  I get that channel to watch the World Endurance Championship/LeMans/IMSA Sportscar Racing, but now it has the Dog Show???) than to make trees?  Fortunately, I did learn a few things about the hairspray technique with the neon trees and my work earlier in the week, mostly in that I was applying too much spray and it was leaving an aftersheen.

imgp6216rawconvThe darker material, the tree on the left is just the foliage, on the right has had leafs applied.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but very visible to the naked eye, and the tree on the right definitely isn’t neon green!  The new colour is called “Spring Green”, and has a much more natural blend with the darker foliage forming the base of the canopy.

Apply a decent coating of hairspray first, then shake on the leaf material, then a very gentle application on top of the leafs to secure them.  After a few minutes, I gave the trees a shake to see where material fell off, and if there were any unsightly holes.  Then, re-apply hairspray and leaf material to touch up those areas carefully.  The end result, after doing the four trees with no scatter, and re-covering over the two with neon leaves, are six, reasonably presentable trees,.

imgp6217rawconvA small forest of trees almost ready for planting.  only the tree on the left is missing the leaf scatter material to make it look more realistic.  The tools of this project, a piece of foam stolen from a construction site, a dollar store plastic tub to shake material over and recover exess, hairspray, and leaf scatter material.

With the trees looking the part to my eye, it was on to planting them in the diorama.  For now, they are semi-permanently applied using Woodland Scenics Scenic Glue.  This is meant for putting figures on layouts as it dries clear and allows you to gently remove figures to re-position them.  For my purposes, it will hold the trees in place through the show next weekend, and let me decide if I am happy when I see them in different lighting conditions, or if more work is needed.  I don’t want to permanently affix them and finish the landscaping scenery to blend them into the ground until I am certain I am not going to apply any more leaf material.

Railway Village Diorama with trees temporarily planted and glued into place for next weekend’s Barrie-Allandale Train Show.

I’m really glad to be able to say that I finally got around to finishing my first attempt at making trees.  I’m less pleased that it took from July 2015 to February 2017 to do so, but, at the end of the day, I generally don’t put timelines on my modelling. This is supposed to be (and most definitely is for me), a fun and relaxing hobby.  I don’t see me needing to make many trees in the near future, but I definitely know I can now for whenever I start building a layout, or some other small diorama project needs trees.


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