Tuesday Train #42



Essex Terminal Railway No.9 crossing Laurel Creek in Waterloo Park in 2003.  When this picture was taken, ETR No.9 was a visitor here for Oktoberfest and was resident in St. Thomas.  Since then, the Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society has moved to St. Jacobs, north of Waterloo where they operate the Waterloo Central Railway tourist operation.  This bridge is now gone as i understand it, and replaced with a new one for the ION Light Rail which runs on this part of the right of way.

I chose this image for today, as the Waterloo Central will be running ETR No.9 this coming Family Day Long weekend.  Visit their website for tickets and more information: http://waterloocentralrailway.com/


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #42

  1. Steve:
    Would you be interested in having some twenty years of “Railway Magazines” from 1993 onwards on
    semi-permanent loan…?
    Ian Johns (Steve Johns’ dad)

  2. Hi Ian,

    Sorry for not responding sooner, i saw your comment and then forgot to reply. I’d have to say no, i probably have about half of those myself, and frankly, we’re tripping over ourselves in the apartment as is.

    Look forward to chatting trains in September if we don’t meet before then.


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