3D Printed Crossing Shanty’s for Sale

I will be at the Barrie-Allandale Train Show this weekend.  At the show, as part of a cleanup of the collection of tubs, cabinets, drawers and shelves full of Model Railroad stuff, I have come up with two of my 3D printed projects that I am looking to sell.  Both are HO Scale prints of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s crossing shanty which used to guard the level crossing of John Street, just north of Wellington Street in Toronto where the CPR tracks crossed John to access the freight houses where Metro Hall and Roy Thomson Hall are now located.  This shanty was preserved, and has been restored and is now a part of what is called “The Railway Village” at the Toronto Railway Museum.

District, King Street West and Spadina Avenue. - [between 1977 and 1998]The John Street Crossing Shanty, located on the west side of John Street, just north of Wellington Street. Image Courtesy Toronto Archives

Through a combination of factors, I have two extra prints that I don’t have a use for.  Instead of them continuing to take up space and risking getting damaged in the apartment, I’ve decided to try and sell them and hopefully find them homes with modellers who will appreciate them, and more importantly, find homes for them on their layouts!

Item 1 – Kit of Crossing Shanty – $50.0012334341663_27789ca1fb_oThe first version is an unfinished 3D print in Shapeways “Frosted Ultra Detail” or FUD material.  The kit will come with a complete printed instruction booklet.  Everything to complete it except for a brass locomotive bell for the platform at the back is included.  If I’d had any spare around, it would be included.

The 3D print is slightly damaged, the angled support for the bell platform got broken, so I have included a piece of strip wood to replace it with.  I have cleaned the print, and it is ready for painting and assembly.

Item 2 – Completed, Lit Crossing Shanty – $75.00

The second version for sale is one of two I have finished.  One of the two is a “restored” version which is now installed in The Railway Village diorama.  The 2nd, is a version done as it was in its original location at John Street and as seen in the head photo.  This is the one being sold as shown in the three photos above.  I finished this version to show what the finished 3D print could look like.  It is wired with a 12v Miniatronics bulb inside the structure (the 9v battery clip in the pictures isn’t included, that was temporary to test the wiring).  The shanty is affixed to (but removable from) a small wood disk for showing.

I will have both at the Toronto Railway Museum booth at the Barrie-Allandale Show on February 18-19, 2017.  If anyone from further afield is interested, we can workout payment and shipping.  Let me know in the comments and we can go from there.

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