Mike McGrattan Memorial Gondola

There are lots of great people in our hobby.  Sadly, one of them, Mike McGrattan of Rapido Trains passed away from cancer far too soon in 2016 at only 52, leaving behind a wife and 12 year old son.  His collegues at Rapido Trains have done a special run of N-Scale 52′-6″ Mill Gondolas decorated in the “Puddington Valley” lines scheme of Mike’s railway.  All the proceeds from the sales of these cars, numbered 1964 and 2016 are going to an RESP for Mike’s son Sam, to ensure that when he’s ready to go to school, there is a fund there for him.

I received my car No 2016 car on Thursday, and I’m working to figure out where amongst my models I am going to display it in memory of Mike, who I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking shop/joking with, but sadly, only doing so a couple of times.

IMGP6735RawConv.jpgOne Puddington Valley lines mill gondola, in honour of Mike McGrattan, proceeds from the car are raising funds for his son’s education.

I understand that Rapido does have stock of both cars still, but they’ve sold well.  You can buy your own McGrattan Puddington Valley gondola here if you are so inclined: http://rapidotrains.com/mike-mcgrattan-gondola/

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