Tuesday Train #48


And it’s not quite a train this week, though where trains once ran, now an amazing urban intervention of turning abandoned infrastructure into a public park now exists.  I am speaking of course of the New York City “High Line”, that once served the meat packers, but has been converted into a linear park along the West Side of Manhattan.  Because this is a slightly different than normal Tuesday Train, I’ve included a few bonus images from The High Line below.

The south end of The High Line at Gansevort St and Washington St on the west side (the Whitney Museum of American Art is to the left, and the Standard Hotel High Line in the middle); one of the preserved spurs into a former packers; and, where you can still see trains for now, the Long Island Railroad Hudson Yard, quickly being covered up by the Hudson District neighbourhood under construction.
IMGP6939RawConvThe High Line Information Poster – This Image is large, open it up to read about the history of the High Line and the parks creation.

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