Panther Hobbies

This is the 4th in a series of occasional posts on Hobby Shops I frequent.  This time, it is Panther Hobbies of Mississauga Ontario.

IMG_3513Front of Panther Hobbies on Wharton Glen, just south of Dundas Street East in Mississauga.

Panther is a bit of a dyeing bread, an everything hobby store.  They have trains, slot cars, plastic models, and they used to do RC (they may have some old stock left, but got out of that).  They also are a regular on the Model Train show circuit around Ontario, meaning, if you can’t come to them, chances are they come to you with some stock.

IMG_3514Entry through the bright red door around the side.

I don’t have any interior pictures, as it’s just so full none I’ve taken have done the store any justice.  It is however, a store that can be confusing to find things in, because there is just so much stuff.  That said, they are well stocked on paints, styrene strips and sheets, tools, glues and general model making supplies.  They have a decent selection of new and used models in HO and N scale, and some bits and pieces in other scales.  They also have a supply of basic scenery materials.  Similar to Wheels and Wings on the east end, this is a west end Toronto go-to for paint and day-to-day modelling supplies when you don’t need specialized railroad parts or expertise.

They also have a large layout in the back stockroom.  It’s open from time to time, but I suspect they would open it up to someone if you asked during a visit.

I’ve been shopping at Panther for a long time, through a couple of different locations as they’ve moved.  I hope to continue to be able to for many years to come as its quite convenient to home when I’m out and about doing errands in the west end.


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