A Touch of Spring in the Air

Means I can paint at home!!  While most of my painting supplies are at my paint shop away from home for the winter, I was able to use a warm early spring Sunday afternoon yesterday to paint two of the three diorama display frames I recently built (the third needs some adjustments before painting).  It also let me discover that we may be having a pigeon issue on our balcony again, something we battled 5 years ago and which hasn’t been an issue since they re-did our balconies 4 years ago, they have stayed away since that construction.  Doing a thorough spring clean of our balcony is now on our to-do list as part of an ongoing re-decorating/major clean of our apartment after living in it since 2011, we’d hit that point of needing to refresh, and currently, buying in Toronto is outside our reach!

Two frames with a coat of satin black paint drying on the balcony.  A sample sized pot of satin black paint from the Home Depot.  For $4, it does a great job of touching up IKEA furniture and for painting diorama frames!

I’m actually painting models tonight at my non-balcony paint shop.  While normally I’d transition home in the spring where its easier to paint a single project, rather than needing a pile to work on, I’m debating what I want to do this year.  Our property management is starting to construct a new 25 storey tower outside our window.  This means more dust and debris in the air than normal, which is a big problem with an open-air 12th floor balcony paint booth!!  I lack any kind of environmental control to keep dust and debris in the air away from things I’m painting (to say nothing of my enemy humidity that I’ve spoken of before).   That said, it is nice to be able to have a free hour and go, I’m going to get that painted and do it, rather than setting projects aside when I hit the point of needing to airbrush.  I’m still in a mode of wanting to complete a bunch of projects so I can clear some space in the office/workshop.

Back to the topic at hand though, the two frames have been painted with a satin black latex interior paint.  Its a colour I chose as it disappears around the model to focus attention on the diorama in the frame when at a show, and because it’s a close enough match to IKEA’s black-brown that I can use it to touch up nicks in our furniture inside.  For those who haven’t discovered it, the $4.00 sample size paint at Home Depot is the best deal going in getting small volumes of paint for projects like this.  If you read modellers blogs from the UK you’ll often see them talking about trial pots of emulsion house paint, for those of us in North America, they are talking about standard Latex Interior paint.  It forms a cheap base for many layouts scenery in the UK.


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