I’ve got a Cat Shaped Box

With all apologies to Nirvana, it’s Friday and I needed a cat picture this morning, thankfully, I had a project on the spare bed in our office/workshop, and Fergie obliged me by turning a 12×12 diorama frame into a Cat Shaped Box….


I have the frame out and the project board in it to check fit (still need to sand a hair off the board to make sure it isn’t so snug that I can’t take it out once I build on it, and then paint the frame) and to start transferring lines from the print onto the board to layout locations for buildings and scenery details before I start construction.  I actually have a half written post on this project, which hopefully I’ll get to this weekend.

My penance for taking liberties with Nirvana’s lyrics is the link to the actual video for Heart Shaped Box to add some 1990’s grunge from my high school days to a rainy miserable Friday in Toronto:


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