Tarping a “Locomotive”

So I tried something new tonight.  I’m sure it’s been done before, as its very similar to the technique used to dope tissue paper by model aircraft builders.  In my efforts to replicate the appearance of tarps on top of the steam locomotive Dominion of Canada when it was shipped from Montreal to England in 2012 (see here), I settled upon using cheap fabric as it had the right lime green colour of the tarps used on the shipment.  I’ve spent several months mucking about on and off with the “tarps” to figure out how to make them and get them to sit right.  The goal for them was to look like they were draped, so the general shape of the locomotive is formed.

IMGP8154RawConvThe 3D printed HO Scale “wire frame” A4 locomotive.  As 95% of the locomotive was covered by tarps,I didn’t need to create the whole thing, just enough to give it shape.

I’ve finally gotten to a point where I was happy with the look of the tarps, so to glue them down, I’m trying a mix of white glue thined with water.  It should, in theory form a hard shell when it dries and form the shape around which it is being glued, at least, that’s my theory, my results may vary!!

Working from the ends in, covering the cab and nose with smaller sheets, then two larger sheets over the centre sections.

At this point, this post is a bit of a tease, as the material is still quite wet, so I’m watching to make sure it holds in place (hopefully) as it dries, and will make any adjustments after.  If this is a colossal failure, I’ll hopefully be able to take the material off and re-use the frame, or in a worst case scenario, I’ll be ordering another wireframe A4 from Shapeways and starting over.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but this is a bit of a live and learn project as I’ve been making up techniques for what I’m doing as I go.

IMGP8156RawConv3D printed flatcar QTTX 131344, now with weathered decks, all set for a tarped over locomotive to be installed.

Fortunately, while the experiment in tarping a locomotive is an unknown, the experiment in rusting and weathering the flatcar deck has been more successful.  Ever since I re-designed the deck to be able to add structural rigidity (see here), I’ve been much happier with it, and slowly working on painting and decaling the 2nd edition.  I applied Bragdon Enterprises weathering powders to the deck tonight.  I find these powders nice to use for rust effects, as a fine adhesive is in the mix, so as you work them, they bond to the surface.  They are also forgiving, in that its easy to wipe away too much, or go back and add more to darken an effect.  Despite that, they will come off when a model is handled if they are not sealed, so now that it’s close to done, just needs a light spray of dullcoat to seal the rust and weathering powders,

Sometime later this week I’ll post an update on how things have gone with the tarps adhearing and if tonights project is a success, a failure, or a bit of both.

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