Update on Modelling a Tarped Locomotive

As a brief update on my post from last week, the thinned white glue soaked fabric seems to have worked well as a “tarp” cover over the locomotive wire frame 3D print.

IMGP8163RawConvUsing mini clamps and unthinned white glue to get a good hold down on some of the seams.

After a couple of days of ignoring it after putting on the glued fabric, when I finally got back to it to see how it adhered, it had worked about as I’d hoped.  There were some loose edges, however, these were easily sorted with some full strength white glue and little clamps to hold them into place and get the appearance I was looking for.

Side views of the wrapped A4 locomotive load.  Ready for adding tie straps around the tarps.

Next up is to use thin lining tape from the RC car world to represent the loading straps used to hold the tarps tight on the actual load. Once that is done, I have load chains to apply when the locomotive is glued to the deck.  I am still debating if i want to hit the tarps with some dullcote or grime to dirty them up a bit, while they have the shape, there is still something a bit off on the look that I need to tackle.

IMGP8167RawConvWrapped and in position temporarily on the flatcar to see how its looking.

Hopefully I’ll have some time on the upcoming long weekend to finish this project.  It will be nice to see it all together, considering I started the design work for the 3D printed parts in November 2015, having it finally near completion is rewarding.


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