Dominion of Canada Shipping Out

There is nothing quite so satisfying as looking at a project, and saying, it’s done!  I am happy with the finished product, I don’t see any more big glaring issues that I need or want to resolve, its ready to hopefully go on display somewhere in the apartment (conversely, it’s very frustrating when I finish a project I’ve spent months working on, and realize I have no where for it to go on display and have to carefully pack it away).

I have reached the finish line on my model of former British Railways locomotive 60010 “Dominion of Canada” being shipped from Exporail in Montreal back to the UK in 2012 for a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the world speed record for steam set by Dominion of Canada’s sister locomotive Mallard.  Past postings on this project are here, here, here, here and here.

IMGP8542RawConv.jpgFinal touches on the flatcar deck, a coat of dullcote to seal the weathering and decals up before installing the locomotive.  Sadly, the locomotive hides half the pretty good-looking rust job on the deck, oh well, I know it’s there at least!

With all the major work done, what was left was painting and detailing and a bit of weathering.  I used Bragdon powders for the rust effects on the main deck.  I like this material as it comes in different shades, and has a fine adhesive worked into it, so you don’t necessarily have to seal it with dullcote.  I did in this case to be sure as the deck ends can get a bit of handling when moving the car and inserting/removing the span bolsters for the trucks, so it saves the weathering getting worn away.  I used an oil effect stain on the end decks on the span bolsters.  Based on the pictures i had, the main deck was a steel sheet, and rusted, where the end decks were more permanent and had a black/oily appearance on the diamondplate deck.

For the locomotive, I used 1/16″ lining tape to create the look of the fabric load straps being used to help hold the tarps on.  It remains a bit brighter than I’d like, even after dullcoting, but at the moment I’m out of options as any kind of wash would also stain the fabric “tarps” which I don’t want to have happen.

All tarped over with load straps made out of lining tape and ready to attach to the flatcar for shipping.

With the steel deck of the 3D printed flatcar weathered and sealed, and the locomotive tarped over, the major sub components were ready for final assembly.  Because I wanted to have the option down the road of removing the locomotive from the flatcar, I choose to use Woodland Scenics accent glue to attach the locomotive and chains to the deck.  Its designed for placing figures in a scene so you can move them later.  It dries clear and holds well, but it can be gentle prized away to remove glued down items.  This means the hold isn’t maybe as tight as it could be, but this is a display model, as I don’t have anywhere to run it, so this wasn’t my biggest concern.  For load chains, I used an injection molded chain from Lone Star Models, it has a representation of a load tightening unit on one end, and some chain that you can cut to length.  These were then touched with some paint and rust powders once installed to blend them in and take away the plasticy look.

The image galleries below shows the finished cars.  Sometime when I next beg an invite to someones house with a layout I will try to take some pictures of them running in scenery, but that could be some time, so for now, please enjoy the image below shot in the high tech bristleboard photo booth on top of our chest freezer!

QTTX 131344 & Dominion of Canada Locomotive

QTTX 131207 & Dominion of Canada Tender

Combined Shipment


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