Doors Open Toronto @ The Roundhouse This Weekend (May 27-28, 2017

My apologies on the late notice, but it kept slipping through the cracks.  If you are in the Toronto area, this weekend is the 18th Annual Doors Open Toronto.  I’ve been going to it or participating in it since year 1, though year 1 back in 2000 was an accident!  I was on a co-op work term from the University of Waterloo, working in Richmond Hill and living in North York, I had met up with some friends for a lunch downtown, and was giving one of them a ride home to Mississauga, we got on the ramp at York Street onto the Gardiner Expressway, and saw a sign on the roof of the roundhouse “Brewery Now Open”, we looked at each other, and got right back off the highway and went into Steam Whistle Brewery’s first weekend of operation, it was the first time I’d ever been in the John Street Roundhouse, years before I became an active volunteer with the Toronto Railway Historical Association in building the Toronto Railway Museum there!!


But, that’s not the point of this post, the point is, I will be at the museum with some of my models, inside Stall 15 at our Train Show all weekend.  If you are around, I’d love to talk shop with you, about either models on display, something i’ve written about, or generally applying 3D printing to your projects.  Please say hi if you are by the museum.  The museum is open 10-5 both days, and there is free admission into our restoration stalls where the Train Show will be, and our Museum Display in Stall 17.  We will also have as many of the locomotives and passenger cars open to the public as we can (always based on having enough volunteers to do so!)

27363483896_932e7f596d_oLast years booth, look for me at a similar looking display this weekend.

Also, this weekend will be the first public open weekend for recently restored GO Transit Cab Car 104.  Come by and relive memories of the early years of GO Transit 50 years ago, or make new ones if you don’t remember the days before the ubiquitous GO Bi-Level cars!

Restored GO Cab Car 104 will be open to the public.
Doors Open 2017 pictures.

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