A Dreaded List

I mulled about selling off some of my collection very early on in my efforts on this blog here.  I haven’t done anything about that until today, when I took the necessary first step of doing an inventory of the contents of the plastic tubs of trains in our apartment’s storage locker.  Two and a half hours later, I had successfully sorted and inventoried 7 x 80L plastic tubs, a four tray A-Line Storage Tote, and some miscellaneous boxes.  I haven’t made any decisions about whether I am going to sell anything or not.  In the PDF attached to this post, items that I know I’m not selling tat are in the tubs are highlighted in red, beyond that, there is lots of stuff that I will consider selling and some I won’t, but if I got the right offer, I’d at least be willing to talk.

June 04 17 Model Railroad Tub List For Web

If you see something in the list that you really want, let me know through the comments or by email sjgardiner (at) hotmail.com  I’d prefer to sell to people local in the Toronto area only as it means we can meet up rather than having to deal with postage, but for a lot of the British stuff, it wouldn’t surprise me if interest was from further afield if there is any.

The next step is to decide what is keep vs would sell vs should sell, and try to re-sort the boxes again so its easy to get at stuff I’m interested in selling.  I’m still considering a table come the fall at a couple of the Toronto area Model RR Flea Markets.  I’d also consider sharing a table if anyone else had some stuff they wanted to sell.  The worst part is the list doesn’t even account for the project started or where kits are sitting here waitng for me.  Thats another three passenger cars, four freight cars and one locomotive!  For a guy without a layout, I seem to have an awful lot on the go.