A Mid Year Inventory

I realize that I am a bit past half way through the year, but I hadn’t thought about taking stock of where I am with projects that I’ve been working on.  This is as much an exercise for myself in keeping track of what I’m doing, but since I needed to do it for my own sanity, I figured others might enjoy the read.  I teed up my year in a New Years Day post here.

Updating the list from January, I can advise as follows:

Projects Underway

  • Dominion of Canada Shipment – Complete!!  See HereIMGP8620RawConv
  • DAR “Nova Scotia” – Externally Complete.  I have still not got enough information to do more than an educated guess for the interior layout, so I’ve held off on doing anything on the interior.  I never did a post about the finished car really, closest is here.  If you happen to have ridden in Nova Scotia in her DAR or UCRS days and have pictures of plans of the interior, I’d love to talk to you!! imgp6269rawconv
  • Talyllyn – Complete! See Hereimgp6094rawconv
  • Railway Village Diorama – Complete enough to Show.  There are little bits of paint and detail touchup, and things I’m working on.  The most obvious thing needing done is to may ridge caps for the roof of Don Station, but it’s low on my to do list.imgp6225rawconv
  • CNR D-1 – Ready to do interior of C-1/C-2 Coaches, just haven’t felt like working on it.
  • Test Track Scenery – Haven’t touched
  • Mystery Narrow Gauge Locomotive #1 – Plymouth Cordage No.1 3D print, Complete! See Hereimgp6036rawconv
  • Mystery Rail Vehicle #2 – Nothing to say about this.  I honestly haven’t worked on it!

Projects to Start

  • Freight Car Kits – Haven’t started, now have four kits in hand to build.  These will be great for down the road when I am at a crossroads on some other project and need to get away from it.
  • 587 Yonge Street/Bar Volo – Made a lot of progress on this.  A little bit stalled at the moment working on non-train models I’m now done, just need to work up the motivation to the very slow task of cutting out windows in the brick sheet for the walls.IMGP8935RawConv
  • British Railways Mark 1 First Open (FO) Diagram 73 – Made decent initial progress.  Petered out a bit looking at etched brass car sides and details to insert into the brass sides (The roof’s been painted since the below picture, but otherwise, it’s still a big rolling fish tank).  imgp5898rawconv
  • Narrow Gauge Layout – Track laid and tested.  At the point of wiring for electrical and haven’t had the right diameter wire or soldering supplies.  I have them in stock now, just haven’t gotten back to work on it (track is all laid down now, this was most recent photo I have).IMGP6452RawConv


  • Weathering – I’m really happy with my weathering efforts on the Dominion of Canada model.  I realized I have a number of old freight cars that I’m likely going to consider selling off in our storage locker.  At some point, I’m going to bring them up and experiment with weathering on them.
  • Soldering – No progress in really learning.  I did have a good chat with a friend about soldering and we’re going to look for a date sometime this fall to work on both soldering and building track as they have lots of experience at both.
  • Track Building – See Soldering

Thing’s I’m expecting to arrive in Stores or Order

  • Rapido Trains Royal Hudson – Looking like 2018 for these, not a problem as its going straight to the Display Case Central whenever it does arrive.
  • Heljan Lynton & Barnstaple OO9 2-6-2 – The initial partial delivery has had a some problems.  Heljan has indicated the balance of production was due in July 2017, but it looks and feels more like these will be delayed again.  Mine is in the part that wasn’t delivered, so I continue to wait patiently
  • RealTrack Class 156 DMU – Looks like the version I’ve ordered should be reaching the manufacturer in the UK in September.
  • Rapido Trains New Look Buses – TTC modern should be delivered in September/October, TTC maroon later in year.  The samples I’ve seen at Rapido events look amazing.
  • Mike McGrattan Memorial Gondola – Delivered, and has a place of honour amongst my displayed models. More on the car & Mike at this link.

It’s not a sport, so I’m not keeping score on anything, but I’m pleased to have ticked a couple of projects off as complete and made progress on others.  In between this, I’ve completed three non-railroad scale model projects as well.

In another necessary fight, I have only added a couple of projects to my list, and have been working to maintain focus on the things I am working on, rather than adding more.  That said, a couple of projects have been added to the list since January:

  • Mystery Rail Vehicle #3 – Anyone who knows me can probably figure out what this is, but I can say its a passenger car, If I can successfully 3D model the car, it has the potential to actually be a seller as there is definitely demand out there for it and no manufacturers are seriously looking at tooling it for RTR production that I know of.
  • S-Scale Speeder.  Most of the requests from people on Shapeways that I get for re-sizing models I politely decline.  It takes too much time to be worth it given I do the 3D modelling for fun and don’t try to really make any money at it.  Despite that, a request to re-scale one of my speeders to S did get my interest, and I’m looking at how much work it actually needs since the price of the model remains reasonable that the person who approached me sounds like they would actually buy it.

So that’s a brief ish review of the first half of 2017.  It feels good to write the word “completed” on some things.  Makes me feel like I’m winning the battle with my habit of starting lots of projects but not getting them finished.


2 thoughts on “A Mid Year Inventory

  1. Thank you Joe, it’s been a good year on finishing things that have been ongoing for a while. Like I said, the goal is to keep on doing things I have, its a two part goal, both to do the projects i’ve already bought, and reduce spending to just necessary supplies like paint, glue and tools, rather than on more expensive models till I’m done the ones i’ve bought!


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