Tuesday Train #65 “Attention 2 Trains”

IMG_4064“Attention 2 Trains” Note the important message, two trains could be here! Always be safe around railway lines. There are lots of safe locations to take photos from, and just because one train has moved off a crossing, if the lights are still on, there could be another coming you can’t see!

Two Sides of the Same Crossing.  The Goderich and Exeter Railway switches in downtown Kitchener, blocking St. Leger Street with the head end power as cars are uncoupled and dropped in the sidings at the station for the local train to shunt.   This crew was working hard to clear the main line as a VIA Rail passenger train was due to arrive in less than 15 minutes.  I had to leave to get to an appointment before the VIA arrived unfortunately and couldn’t catch the trains together.

IMG_4074The other side of the crossing after I had circled around where the streets were blocked.  A bonus shot of all three units in the train is below.  And yes railfans, that is an Ex-Southern Pacific SD45T-2 “tunnel motor” #3054 (ex-9392) in the middle of the consist.



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