The Joys of a New Project – Learning from Past Projects Mistakes

I’ve started on the 3D modelling work for a new project.  I’d mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in my mid year review, but there is nothing so satisfying as coming into possession of actual drawings of what you are modelling to create some motivation to get started on a project.  I was lucky enough to get some drawings for the “Mystery Rail Vehicle #3” project, which as I’d mentioned is a passenger car.  I have now designed two fully 3D printed railway vehicles, a heavy load flatcar, and a wooden passenger coach.  As I’ve documented on posts about these models, I have run into issues with the structural rigidity of Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail Resin, my preferred material for long vehicles in HO Scale.  So, in starting my newest model, I’m literally starting from the frame up and designing a frame for the car that takes what I learned from the previous projects, and combines it into one. This “new” frame design for me will also be modified if successful to create frames for C-1 and C-2 to go with the CNR D-1 so that I can offer them for sale to others who may be interested in modelling those cars.

July29 Shapeways2July29 ShapewaysThe images above show the initial work on the frame for my next passenger car project. You can see the channels down the length of the underbody for brass bars.  These will both give the car more structural rigidity, but also add weight.

Using the lessons from the TTX heavy load car model for the Dominion of Canada shipment, I’m starting this underframe design with channels for brass bars.  One long flay bar will run down the spine of the car to give it overall rigidity.  I’ve added provisions for square bars to run down the sides of the car, as you can see, I am still working on adjusting the magnetic mounting holders to fasten the frame to the body of the car.  I would like to adjust the magnets so the bars down the side of the frame run the whole length between at least the end magnets, so I need to inset the middle frame magnets.

Unlike some of my friends who actually work professionally in the model railroad industry for manufacturers, I don’t have the benefit of years of experience designing models for production to work.  But I am building experience from my own design mistakes on previous projects.  Even in the time I’ve taken to type this I see a couple of things I will adjust to hopefully make the frame work even better.  So with that, back to the 3D modelling software for me!

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