Let there be Light!

For those of us who don’t have layouts to work on or operate, our workbench is our most important space in the hobby in all liklihood.  I know mine is, most of my hobby time is spent at the desk in our office/spare room working on projects.  I’ve been horribly neglecting mine for some time, because frankly, I can be cheap when it comes to spending money on things.  I’ve been using a bodged together combination of little 15w bulb desk lamps and an LED desk light from IKEA for ten years since I started getting active modelling in my previous appartment.  Today, I finally cracked and went light shopping.  I don’t think the solution Ifound is perfect, but it strikes a balance between cost and results that at least improves on what I had before.  An LED strip light from Home Depot, designed to mount on the underside of kitchen cabinets to light your contertop was the solution.  Its a 24″ long bar with a strip of LED’s inside.  Even in daylight, the second I plugged it in and looked at how much light it would cast from where I could mount it told me it was a winner.

IMGP1425RawConv.jpgNot the best shot ever, but it makes the point about how much more light i have now than before with the new 24″ LED light strip installed.  Conveniently, the old computer desk i use for a workbench, the underside of the hutch is 19″ above the desk surface, the Kitchen Counter LED recommended a height of 19.5″ for maximum spread/efficency.

In the end, a simple project, but one which I think will drastically improve my working in the coming months, as there were more occurances than less of late where I was finding sufficent light for what i was doing wanting.  I’d been looking at Ottlites, but they still cost a lot more than this, and a side goal was to free up some desk space by not having a lamp sitting next to my soldering iron any longer.  I may look at one of the swing arm Ottlites that also has a magnifier in it to add to the desk down the road, but for now, a successful Saturday improving my workbench!

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