Ten Windows Down, Ten to Go

IMGP1431RawConvTen windows trimmed out of the brick, ten to go.

This is a positive self re-enforcement post if ever there was one.  I am half way through trimming the brick sheet for the windows on my model of 587 Yonge Street (here).  This is a very slow and delicate process.  I have already determined that I wasn’t generous enough with the depth on the brick detail above the upper windows, and will be re-printing the detail as a separate piece a bit bigger to place over the current versions, but I still need to be very careful trimming the brick sheet to size around the window frames to not create big nasty gaps between the brickwork and the 3D printed window frames.

I am a visual modeller, I figure out my problems by putting things together temporarily and look at how the fit and where I am having issues.  In this case, last night I needed to see how the walls actually were starting to shape up, so I managed to get the two walls with windows on the 3D printed ground floor front, and stand them all up on the street base as you can see in the lead image to give me motivation to keep going with the slow and steady opening of windows on the south wall.  I am really pleased with the look, and now I’m ready to continue on with the slow and steady progress of carefully opening up a window or two a night when I have some time to put to this project.

29515480414_3868e052bb_oThe model is definitely starting to resemble the now demolished building at 587 Yonge St.

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