Tuesday Train #66


Digging in the Archives for this one.  All the way back to 2000!!! When I was still a lowly student in the Urban and Regional Planning Program at the University of Waterloo.  These pictures are the only time I ever saw locomotives from EMD in London out on test in the eight years I lived in Waterloo.  The locomotives in the picture are just west of the Kitchener station, and are SD70M’s.  The locomotives number 4000, 4002, 4003, 4004 are part of the first order of 75 locomotives of this type the UP would purchase.  In total, UP would order 1,427 SD70M locomotives!  More pictures of the locomotives being inspected on their visit to Kitchener below, the location they are stopped at is now the GO Transit overnight layover yard west of King Street.


I’m diving deep for August with shots from the early 2000’s shot on film that I had scanned by ScanCafe a couple of years ago so I could keep negatives/scans and get rid of boxes of prints.


One thought on “Tuesday Train #66

  1. That was always one of the cool things about living in London. Anytime we went past the GMD plant there were always different paint schemes sitting out front for roads from all over north america. I miss those days.

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