Tuesday Train #67

00710_n_15amvrns7n0710Under Da Sea.  I got on the train above at Waterloo Station in London England, and got off the train below at Gare Du Nord in Paris.  These pictures are from six weeks I spent as part of an exchange course at Oxford Brookes University in England in the spring of 2002.  Lots of changes since I took the Eurostar.  Waterloo International above is long since closed to the Eurostar, with them moved north to St Pancras, and the first generation Class 373 trains in these pictures are being replaced and sent for scrapping (though the set 3212 in my picture has been refurbished and is still going strong).

Now, a sad story about how much the world has changed.  Going through security in London, I used to carry a swiss army knife on my key chain.  The guard looked at it, folded out the longest blade, held it up to his security card (about the size of a drivers license/credit card), and declared, its not long enough to kill anyone, but you shouldn’t bring it in the future and handed my keys back.  I don’t want to think what kind of crisis a swiss army knife would cause today.


This is post 2/5 in my Retro August Scan Cafe finds for Tuesday Train.


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