Long Weekend Workings – Building a Bar instead of drinking at one

This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, which meant that even with a day on Sunday spent up and down the road to spend time with family, I still had a chunk of my Saturday and all of my Monday to putter on projects.  I ticked off a bunch of little tasks, including my first time spraying paint with my new compressor as an air source.  Didn’t go entirely to plan, but also wasn’t a complete failure.  It was more humid Saturday morning on the balcony than it felt based on how the paint sprayed, but it was nothing that can’t be overcome.

My real project for the weekend was getting back at my model of 587 Yonge Street. I have been slowly working away at the exterior walls, and painting them to create the brick pattern with pan pastels, I have reached a point where I am reasonably happy with the base colour, but before I add weathering and staining, I needed to paint the stone window lintels, and the roof capping and doors before blending everything.

IMGP3891RawConv.jpgBased coated and window details painted.  Ready for some blacks and greys to weather and create the effect of water stains on the roof.

In the picture above, I’ve also got the first two “windows” in place temporarily.  The windows were opaque on the building, and have signage to go on them, so they are being made out of a shiny plastic sheet I got at a model railroad flea market for a $1.  Sadly, half this wall will eventually be hidden behind ivy (which will also hide the nasty gaps on the lower windows!).

I wasn’t in the mood for weathering, and noticed a few small touchups before I can, so I moved back to working on the interior of the structure.  The ground floor bar will be fully detailed, and have lighting so you can see the interior.

IMGP3889RawConvA view into the bar.  The grey area on the left was the kitchen and wasn’t visible from outside.  Inside you had a seating area on the lower level, and a raised bar.  At the bottom right are the stairs up to the 2nd and 3rd floor tenants of the building.

The interior is being created by a bit of everything I can find or manufacture.  There is styrene sheet and shapes; stripwood, 3D prints parts; and commercial white metal or injection molded parts.  The interior will be lit, as the big windows on two sides of the ground floor offer an opportunity for a view in.  I am also looking at making a portion of the interior wall removeable so I can take inside looking out shots as well.  No point detailing everything if no one can ever see it, even in a photograph.

IMGP3888RawConvThis angle gives a better sense on some of the details, unfortunately, I couldn’t turn it on my workbench to get a through the windows test view.

It was all in all a productive weekend.  I’d been looking at the interior for a while, and the lack of any progress at even a first attempt was really bothering me.  Making a full day’s progress on it, even with several hours of TV catch up in the day, makes me feel like it was a productive weekend and that I almost want to go to work on Tuesday morning (almost!!).

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