Continuing Progress on the Interior of 587 Yonge Street

I’ve slowly been continuing to work on the interior details for the ground floor of 587 Yonge Street, specifically, the interior of Bar Volo, the bar located there since I posted about it last week here.  Since that post, I’ve finished the floors, mostly prepared the main interior wall details, and glazed the ground floor windows. When I originally contemplated this project, I had set a soft deadline/goal of finishing it for this weekend’s Cask Days Beer Festival run by the Morana family that owned Bar Volo.  It’s not done, but it at least looks like the building being modelled.  Frankly, I’ve made a lot more progress than I thought I was going to have made a couple of months ago on this project when I first received my 3D printed parts for the project and figuring out how to combine them with the other parts of the model.  There have been times where I wasn’t sure I’d get to the point where the walls actually went together and looked like the building being modelled, even though I am pretty sure I’ve nailed the exterior look for the diorama.


With the walls temporarily mocked back up to see how things look.  The effect I’m working on of the bars interior being visible is definitely getting there.  When the building is complete, the interior will be lit by LED’s.

I was struggling with how to create the effect of the mixed hardwood and tiled floor, when I realized I had square pattern styrene sheet.  Once I marked out the area that was tile, and cut a piece to size, I was able to quickly gave it a coat of black pan pastel (not too heavy, aiming for a dark grey/black look), and seal it.  Once the tile portion of the floor was in place, I constructed the hardwood floor section using stained strip wood.  The benches in the interior are Walthers Benches, modified to fit the space.  They need some cleanup and some paint before getting permanently affixed in place.  I have these benches on the patio area of the model as well, but the more I look at them mocked up on the patio, the more I hate them in such a visible part of the model, and am leaning towards building my own benches with strip wood.  I think in the long run they will just look better there, where the plastic ones will blend away in the inside scene.


Two views showing the interior with the floors added.  The floors are a combination of “sidewalk” square styrene sheet, and strip lumber.  The actual interior was a mix of tile and hardwood, so this perfectly matches that.

I’m almost done building the bar.  It’s pretty much down to creating a representation of the large draft line handle that was on the bar in brass stock, and some touchup painting.  I have benches, tables and chairs for the interior to finish the appearance.

The next big steps on this project are the exterior.  I’ve found a Vallejo armour weathering wash that creates the effect of water stains, and a combination of this and pan pastels will be used to create the water staining on the upper exterior walls.  Once that is done, I think the walls can be combined together.  Once the upper parts of the exterior walls are together, the next step will be adding ivy to them.  For this, I am going to use a combination of directly applying leaf scatter material to the walls, with polyfibre for where there are hanging vines. and then inserting the windows.  Once the windows are installed, the back of the walls will then get sprayed with black paint to help seal any remaining light leaks.

I think this order will stand, I’ve been back and forth on the best order of operations for these steps.  I think the windows are last, as the upper windows are a glossy black sheet material, and all of them will have custom decals applied for the various signage that was in the upper windows. I’ve debated putting the windows in earlier, but I think it makes my life easier for adding the leaf material for the ivy if the windows are empty.  Similarly, it makes it easier to blend the ivy around the corners if the walls are assembled.  There are a lot of moving pieces in this, and I’ve spend more than a few nights just staring at the mocked up walls thinking about order of operations to achieve the appearance while not creating any pain in the rear situations where waiting on one task would have eased another.

At this point, with the interior close to done, I need to get the walls up so I can figure out how I am mounting the interior ceiling, and setting locations for LED lights on the ceiling.

I won’t be getting any work done this weekend (at least not Saturday), as I’ll be heading down to the Evergreen (Don Valley) Brickworks to celebrate good beer with friends from near and far who come in for Cask Days!  As much as I don’t set deadlines for my projects, at this point, baring the earth caving in on me, the model of 587 Yonge Street and Bar Volo will be done for the 2018 edition of Cask Days!

CaskDaysCask Days 2016 inside the Kiln Hall at Evergreen Brickworks

Update – 10:30PM – I decided to take some shots of the walls mocked up on the diorama base, i think the model reads better that way, gives it a bit of context.


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