April 28, 2017 – A Tale of a Canadian Flag

So, this is most definitely not a post about trains.  It’s a post about a flag.  A flag which on April 28, 2017 flew on top of the Peace Tower at the Houses of Parliament, and thanks to a program run by the Government of Canada, it’s now living in our apartment.  I found out about the program in 2005, and made a request in a letter which I mailed on July 1, 2005.  At the time, I was told it was a 10 year wait, it’s been a bit over 12, but I am now the proud owner of a 2.3mx4.6m (7.5’x15′) Canadian Flag which flew above our parliament.  I gather the wait time now from the Government Website that deals with requests is 73 years.  Over the years I have dutifully updated my address when I’ve moved, and wondered if and when I would ever hear back  about actually getting a flag.  I never gave much thought to what I would do with it when it was received.

Back in late September I got an email from Public Services and Procurement Canada (say that five times fast!), about my request being fulfilled, and wanting confirmation of my address for shipment. Suffice to say, I couldn’t type an email back to them fast enough!  I picked the package up this evening at the courier depot, and now it’s safely home in our apartment.  When I placed the request in 2005, the notion of the Country’s 150th birthday celebration in 2017 hadn’t even crossed my mind as a potential time for receiving the flag.

IMG_4434.JPGA flag from the Peace Tower, half unfolded, which covers our entire King sized Bed!!

What I am going to do with it, well, who knows. My initial thought is to get a big shadow box, and frame it inside the box.  I’d love to track down a picture of the Houses of Parliament and the Peace Tower from April 28th 2017 to get printed and mount with the flag.  If anyone out there who ever stumbles across my blog has such a picture you’d be willing to share, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

PeaceTowerFlagThe Canadian flag flying proudly above the Peace Tower at Parliament Hill on Canada Day 2016.  If anyone is reading this and has a picture of the Peace Tower & flag from April 28, 2017, I’d love to get a copy to frame with our flag for display in our apartment.

PS – This is also the 200th post I’ve made to this blog.  Didn’t see this being what I’d be writing about!

2 thoughts on “April 28, 2017 – A Tale of a Canadian Flag

  1. Congratulations! My brother received his in 2015 and its a treasured family heirloom now.

    I can confirm that as of July 1 2017 (when I decided that my future family may want one) the wait is 78 YEARS.

  2. Thank you Mike, yes, whatever we do wind up doing with the flag, it will be done to make sure we respect it and give it the honour it deserves. I feel bad having it safely folded up in a drawer right now with the letter it came with until I can figure out a way to display it somewhere!


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