3 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #81

  1. Nice photos!
    I have to get to Lindsay and do some detailed looking at 8510 since I have an Atlas O SW-8 that needs to be CN-ified. I see that they have removed the stack, probably to prevent modelers from taking measurements. 🙂

  2. The signs everywhere that say no climbing on the equipment are meant to prevent modellers from taking measurements. I suspect they took the stack off as it was leaking into the engine compartment. Its much easier to lop it off and weld on a plate cover than to fix the stack.


  3. The stack is not off the SW8 to prevent modelers from taking measurements. In fact, we’d like to have measurements so we can make a new one.
    The no climbing signs are to keep people off to prevent damage to the equipment and themselves. If some one fell and hurt themselves while climbing, the liability falls against the town’s insurance. If they get a hit oo int, the town would waste no time in scrapping the lot of the equipment.. Have respect for the equipment and those who care for it.
    If you need measurements or anything else relative to the equipment, contact the Lindsay Model Railroad club, the caretakers of the equipment
    John Vincent

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