Nothing puts a damper on your night of model making fun like finding your storage locker forced open

So, I went to our locker in the basement of our apartment building last night, and what had been a quite pleasant evening, quickly became a very bad evening.  Around 9pm last night, I had everything else I needed to do on a Monday evening done, and Gandalf was chilling have been worn out by my teasing him with cat toys.  So I went into the office, and realized that for some reason during a clean up before Christmas in the apartment, I had put some parts I needed for the 587 Yonge model into one of my many storage tubs of model trains in the locker.

So I grabbed my keys, and went downstairs to our storage locker.  Being a bit compulsive, I have an excel spreadsheet that lists everything in the tubs.  The parts I needed were in one of the top tubs in a pile, so I knew it would only take a few minutes to grab them once I got there and moved other stuff to access the tubs.

When I got to the floor where our locker was, the hallway floor carpeting and base was all ripped up to the bare structural concrete, and the wallpaper and drywall were peeling on the walls.  I thought back to the fire alarm the first weekend of January, where I remember them saying there had been a sprinkler issue on the floor our locker is on. I also thought, our locker room has concrete floors, and nothing sensitive is low enough to sit in water (though we had a pipe leak and flood the locker a couple of years ago wrecking some cardboard boxes).  I opened the locker room, and everything looked fine on first glance, as I got closer though, I noticed that something didn’t look right on the door jam.  When I touched our lock, the whole plate fell out of the wall and the door slowly swung open…

As I walked up to our locker I could tell something was off, when I touched our lock, the whole thing fell off and the door swung open…

Upon the door swinging open, my heart sank as I contemplated the mess of having to call the police and deal with a potential theft of our bikes, other sporting goods, some household stuff, and a large collection of model trains (some of which have massive sentimental value and aren’t really replaceable to me).  Fortunately, very quickly, I realized that everything appeared to be in its right place, and after a more detailed search, nothing appeared to be missing.

I was able to grab some 3″ screws from the apartment (the plate had been held on with 1″ screws, not very effective as can be seen above).  These had enough bite to get through the damaged area from the old screws and bite into the stud and re-secure the lock.  We’re now waiting on our Building Management investigating with the maintenance staff and telling us what is going on, and why they potentially didn’t tell us our locker had been forced open for 3 weeks (most of the other lockers in this room are used by the buildings Maintenance Staff for storage, something we learned from the previous flood a couple of years ago).  Four other lockers in the room had their locks cut and were open when I went in last night.  It appears our lock they felt they couldn’t cut, so they just pry bared the whole thing off the wall.

The moral of this story is that I am clearly going to have to set a schedule of checking the state of our storage locker weekly, as I can’t handle the near heart attack of walking in and thinking we’ve been robbed again and having no idea how long our lockers been open to anyone with a key to that locker room.

2 thoughts on “Nothing puts a damper on your night of model making fun like finding your storage locker forced open

    • Thanks, yeah. The lack of theft is comforting. Doesn’t do anything to make today less of a pain dealing with our property management to figure out what is going on in our locker, but yeah, thankfully no police reports and stolen property!


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