Tuesday Train #96

IMGP4204RawConvA weather beaten CNR GP9RM Number 7646 (Originally GP-9 4605 built in 1957) switches “Chemical Valley” in Sarnia Ontario alongside Slug 220 and GP38-2(w) 4785 on a sunny October day in 2017.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #96

    • You’ve got the right unit, but both guesses as to exactly what a Slug in North American parlance are are wrong. Technically CN calls them Yard Boosters, but they are purpose built non-motorized units, which draw power from their mother locomotive, in this case the GP9RM 7246 to power the traction motors for extra oomph in yard shunting operations. It’s not a brake tender as you’d see in the UK which as i understand it is just basically a heavy weight unit paired to help braking efficiency.


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