2018 Toronto Railway Prototype Modellers Meet

This past weekend was the annual Toronto Railway Prototype Modellers Meet, held at Humber College in the northwest of the City.  It was my third time attending, and it was a good chance to catch up with friends and see some fantastic modelling and learn a bit as well.  The number of attendees was around the same as my past times, about 50 people, though it felt like everyone brought fewer models with them as we got through the show and tell portion of the day in a lot less time than past years.  Maybe that just means we all talked a lot less?

Scenes from an RPM -Checking out the models, and hearing about them from their builders.

As has been the case in past years, it was a very HO Scale centric event.  I don’t know if that says more about the nature of prototype modellers, or the Toronto modelling community.  There was one S-Scale modeller, and everything else was HO.  I know in N and O scales it can be a lot harder to find models to use as starting points or detail parts, but it seems strange to me that 99% of the room is HO.  Having not been to any of the RPM meets in the US, I don’t know if the ratio holds there as well or not.

Casting Masters, test pier, part of the deck and the new in progress centre pier of Dylan Harris’ Kettle Creek Bridge.  The second photo is the bridge in 2012 at the Barrie-Allandale Train Show, the last shot is one of Al Welch’s Brass CPR Steam Locomotives on the right.

As is the usual case, the catching up was interrupted by three seminars.  This year, one was by Dylan Harris on his modelling of the Kettle Creek Bridge in St Thomas.  This bridge is massive, the model is around 12′ long, he only had representative parts to show.  I’ve seen it as part of the CASO modular layout, and he takes it to other Free-mo meets.  It’s impressive.  The second was by Tony Kerr on railfanning in Toronto in the 1960’s and 70’s, lots of pictures from his misspent (well spent?) youth train watching.  The final was from Al Welch and was on his tips and techniques for tuning and improving the running of brass steam locomotives.

A selection of models from others at the 2018 RP, in various stages of completion.

The caliber of the models on display always amazes and inspires me.  I love seeing what railroads or eras or types of equipment excite others.  Even when I am not as knowledgeable or as interested in a prototype, seeing others who are helps motivate me to have my models inspire the same in others about what I’m doing.

My models at this years show, the nearly done 587 Yonge Diorama, the first test GO Coach, and the completed Dominion of Canada shipment.

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