The Fate of the Liberty Village Line V1.0 Trackplan

IMGP7091RawConvA crumpled up Track Plan. What does that mean?

The future is a funny thing.  You think you know what you are going to do, where you are going to be, and then you go and do crazy things…. like buy a house in Toronto in 2018… which is exactly what we have done.  When I introduced the concept for the Liberty Village Line last fall, we were very much in a mindset that we were going to remain in our rental apartment for the foreseeable future (turns out, that was 8 months), and the layout design and benchwork was being created to fit the limitations of our 750 sq.ft two bedroom apartment, with 40+ year old concrete walls we basically can’t anchor benchwork into, and in a room where on top of the layout, was our guest bed, my computer desk, my workbench, and almost all of our storage space.  The benchwork dimensions and trackplan and limitations all grew out of the restrictions our space posed.

Then, about two months ago, a long and lengthening list of frustrations with our current apartment (no en-suite laundry, no dishwasher, never-ending construction on/at the building, pot smoking neighbours, no BBQ, reliance on window air conditioners, 7 years in the same space, etc, etc) caught up with us, and we made the decision to see if we could find a home that would give us a bit more space to spread out as we have just passed our 8 year anniversary from our first date and are coming up on our 4th wedding anniversary.  We’re at a point in our lives, where when we looked at the Toronto real estate market, we very much felt that if we were ever going to try to buy a home, it wasn’t now or never, though that was close, and with the bubble of 2017 having receded, the market was as entry friendly as its been in several years.

So, with all that said, instead of planning for a layout in our apartment, I am now planning for a layout in our townhouse, a 3+1 Bedroom Three Storey townhouse in a condominium development.  I get a whole room now where the uses are reduced to layout, workbench, and related train/model storage and display.  I don’t have exact dimensions yet, and will be begging an architect friend and fellow model railroader to come and help me get the most accurate measurements possible once we take possession, but effectively, I will have a room which is more or less 11′-6″ by 9′-6″ with a +/-3′ deep walk in closet the width of one of the shorter walls, and with no windows on the walls, but with a skylight in the ceiling.  Obviously, in the fullness of time I will blog in more detail about the room after we take possession in June and move in, but for the moment, this re-energizes me on thinking about the Liberty Village layout I’ve been designing, as having a dedicated room opens potential for things like a peninsula to address accuracy of the trackplan, and maybe a bit more layout to maximize what I am achieving.  It also means I get to take another shot at the track plan, and look at things that did and didn’t work in Version 1, to try to make Version 2 that much better when the time comes to build.

Exciting times, the frustrations I was having in January-February about not re-organizing the current office to start building the layout have turned into excitement about the prospects of starting a layout/workshop room from scratch with the ability to set things up the way I want from a blank slate.  I can’t wait to actually get going with it!

8 thoughts on “The Fate of the Liberty Village Line V1.0 Trackplan

  1. Terrific news on the new home, Stephen. Congrats! I don’t know whether to be more excited for your dedicated hobby space or for the en suite laundry and dishwasher! (Grin!)
    I look forward to following your progress as you plan for the new space. I know we’ve talked about plans before – and I’ll be happy to do so again. I’ll sharpen the pencils…
    -Trevor, The Model Railroad Enabler

  2. That’s terrific news. Congratulations.

    I’m pleased to read how well the new space responds to your needs beyond the hobby and I’m keen to follow updates on how you learn to use all the new room.

    Our lives grow into the spaces they inhabit. This will be good.

    Congratulations again!


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