A new Layout Room – Starting to Design for the Liberty Village Line 2.0

So as I advertised in my last post, The Liberty Village Line 1.0 is dead, long live the Liberty Village line 2.0!!

We had our first Pre Closing inspection of our new townhouse today, and while we don’t move until June (its gonna be a long two months, at least once packing starts that will stop the anticipation), it was the chance to take some measurements, and help me set the working dimensions of what the room will be.  With the new townhouse having three bedrooms, the 3rd bedroom on the 3rd floor which has a skylight window and no wall windows is becoming my new layout room and workshop.  My current thoughts are to build a new combination workbench/computer desk.  I’m taking my inspiration on this in part from my friend Ryan’s new workbench and will likely use the same 72″ by 25.5″ bamboo countertop as a starting point, I have about 69″ in width between the wall and the door, with a notch in the corner to cut out, so I’ll get about 95% of the space Ryan did.  with use of risers and such, I can have my computer monitor beside me but achieve more useable space on the desk than I currently have.

The room is roughly 11’2 x 9’6. with a closet that has a depth of about 42″ from the drywall to the outer edge of the wall the closet doors are on.  This takes the overall room width up to about 14’8″ including the closet.  I need some of the closet for doing closety things in, like storage, but I can certainly use part of it for the layout with storagey things happening beneath it.  I do already suspect that I am going to be removing the closet door on one side to allow the benchwork to access staging in the closet to be reasonably permanent.

Apr 07 18 - Liberty Layout - WestAn entire bedroom for a layout, I’m so giddy I almost don’t know what to do with it!!  A PDF version is here for anyone who likes doodling…you know who you are!

While the measurements are at best still to be considered approximate, they are close enough for general concept design of a track plan, but not good enough for construction of benchwork, which will have to happen off-site where I have access to tools and then be delivered and installed.  That will get dealt with after we move in with the help of an Architect friend who has already been volunteered for the job of helping me get super accurate drawings, and find the studs in the walls for mounting benchwork to!!  I am leaning to a roughly U-shaped design with staging at each end.

I’ve been working on different options, thus far, what I am arriving at is much more pleasing to me than I was achieving in the current apartment, that tells me I am on the right track.

Oct 31 17 - Liberty Layout Concept 1-FastTracks 3.anyThe old track plan, compromises everywhere to try and make it fit.

One of the considerations I hadn’t given a lot of thought to before was maximum train length.  I spent some time this afternoon looking at that, and I am leaning strongly towards a maximum lenght of 30″, to be controlled by the lenght of my staging yards (one for CN and one for CP at opposite ends).  In looking at how to maximize the use of space, I am likely going to use a

IMGP7187RawConvA 30″ train, caboose, 3 freight cars, and a short wheelbase loco. Perfect size for Liberty Village

With the train length and the room size, I am seriously considering building two sector plate/transfer tables, basically sliding shelves at each end for the staging.  If I get 4 or 5 tracks at each end, I’ll have more room to stage trains than would ever likely run in an operating session. It also saves on the space needed for switches to change between tracks in a staging yard, another plus when still working in a small space, even if it is much roomier than the current apartment.

With that, onwards I go with track planning of what could be!!  I’ll hopefully have something to share as a preliminary concept sooner than later.

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