And the Packing Begins…

PackingModels.jpgBoxes boxes everywhere…at least saving the packaging means stuff should be safe during our move.

Yeah, I haven’t been doing much modelling lately.  While we don’t move until mid June, I’m trying to use the available time to good effect to pack and organize things slowly and carefully, vs. doing it in a rush.  Last night I had the tub of boxes for British Models up, and packed away all the British Models that were on display in our home office/spare bedroom.  My current goal is to pack away as many models, lego and other collectables so they are all in our storage locker ready to move, which will let me clean up the spare room, and find stuff that can be sold/donated/passed on to others that we no longer want.  By early June when the packing tubs arrive (shout out to Frogbox for reusable plastic moving tubs), I want to have the office/spare room packed/cleaned up so its open for putting tubs in once they are packed and ready to go.

I won’t be doing much modelling for the next couple of months, but will keep on with Tuesday Train posts, and I have a few things on the future layout to write, along with some thoughts on last weekends Great British Train Show 2018 over the coming weekend.

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