RIP To the Hand me Down Desk!!

Ding Dong the desk is dead, the bad old desk, the broken desk, ding dong the junky old desk is dead!!!

Further proof as to why I’m not allowed to sing by SWMBO above.

Part way through dissassembling the desk, the hutch wasn’t so much connected so much as it was staying in place on faith.

Today in the slow build up to our moving day in late June, I took a step that had been on my to-do list for years .  My now former work bench was a hand-me down computer desk that I acquired in 2005 when I first moved into Toronto from one of my roommates.  He’d already had it for years, so being kind it was at least 15, and more likely pushing 20 years old.  One of the wheeled feet was broken off, and I’d kinda wedged it into the former hole, so when the desk was moved, it would sag over when the wheel fell out until I got it balanced just right again. It wasn’t a stable work surface for years, but I made do as it was a place to work.

As I’ve made the decision to basically take a break from modelling in the build up to the move, both so I can safely pack models and projects away, but to let me focus on dealing with being a soon to be first time home owner and all that goes with that, taking down the desk on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the long weekend seemed like a good idea.

The old desk (beige in centre). Functional, but more than a bit tired!!

With the move, the computer corner desk (an Ikea Micke) is also going to go (it’s for sale, feel free to comment if you’re interested). Because of how i use my computer, the desk eats a lot of space that I’m not getting any benefit out of it.  So I’m desinging the new workbench/desk to allow the monitor and keyboard to be there when needed, but not dominate and just take up space for the sake of taking up space.

My inspiration for my new workbench is my friend Ryan’s new workbench.  He found a 72″x25.5″x1.5″ Bamboo Kitchen Countertop at Lowes, that works perfectly as a model railroad workbench.  Because of the door location and a bulkhead in the corner of the layout room, I’ll have to shorten it by 3-4″ and make a 9″ square notch, but at the end of the day, I’ll have a main workbench/desk area that is 60″ x 25.5″ give or take, with a little extension on one site.  I’m going to use an ikea cabinet as the leg under one side for some drawer space, and regular legs on the other.  This will put it at the same 29.5″ work surface height I have today, which is the height I’m comfortable working at. Finding your workbench height preference is important, some people like higher, I like lower.

IMG_5344.JPGThere’s a hole in my office…not for long, soon to be filled up with boxes and tubs of stuff packed for moving!!

One more step on the road to a layout made with ditching the old desk and getting most of the tools and supplies packed and ready to move.

3 thoughts on “RIP To the Hand me Down Desk!!

  1. It sounds like the old desk served you well – and the great thing about old desks is I don’t mind cutting into them, or spilling glue and paint on them. They wear the mess like a badge of honour. However – you’ll have a nicer modelling desk in the new space, so onward!
    – Trevor

    • Yeah, I’m used to desks with lots of “love” and wear and tear from use. It will take me some time with the new desk to get comfy with spills and nicks and such as I break it into use!! The office feels really empty with the desk gone, though the space freed up will be full of packed boxes soon enough!


      • You could always top the desk with a sacrificial sheet of Masonite. When it gets too awful to use, you toss it and cut a new sheet…

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