I love it when a plan comes together

We have been in our new home for almost a week, and I have finally made a dent in setting up my desk/workbench in the new layout room.  I have been working on the plans for some time, inspired by my friend Ryan Mendell’s new desk built from a 1.5″ thick bamboo countertop.  Using the same counter, I came up with a plan that fits the corner of the office/layout room, and functions as both my computer desk, modelling workspace and a spot for a small TV in the room.

Desk_PlanCAD Plan for the new desk.

As I don’ty have access to a woodworking shop or power tools of my own, Ryan graciously let me invite myself over to use his fully equipped shop and rely on his expertise to quickly cut the various pieces of wood.  He even contributed an off-cut of peg board from his desk to the cause.  The cutting and clean up of his shop took less than an hour, and we then retired to his local for a pint and dinner.

This morning, back at the new house, I lugged all the pieces up to the 3rd floor, managed to dent the ceiling in the staircase with the main counter (note to self, layout sections bigger than 6′ will be tough to get into layout room!), and assemble the desk.  The counter is sitting on an IKEA Alex drawer on one side, and three Ikea legs on the other.  Its very stable and won’t move anywhere when it bump it or am working on it.

The countertop with legs installed and in place, and then the hutch built and screwed into place.

After getting the desk set up, I could finally make some progress in unpacking the boxes in the office and getting tools and my computer set up.  The unpacking still isn’t done, but it’s getting there, and I have a workbench that I could totally set something up on now and touch a model for the first time in several months.

IMG_5576Almost set up enough to work on!!




2 thoughts on “I love it when a plan comes together

  1. Hi Stephen:
    I have been so busy with other things that it completely slipped my mind that you would’ve moved by now. Congrats on the new place! I hope the move went smoothly. (I assume it did since you’re already onto fun things like setting up work desks.)
    Congrats also on denting the ceiling. The house is now officially “used” and you’ll feel less guilty about the additional dings, scrapes and so on that will inevitably happen.
    At some point, we will meet up for pints and can raise a glass to new homes.
    – Trevor

  2. The workbench was a bit of a balm to some of the hassles of moving and packing and unpacking and all that goes with it, but we are good and happy with our new home and are getting settled in.

    I look forward to having a few people over sometime in the near future to talk layout room, bbq and have a beer on our terrace!


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